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Homemade Ornaments

Thanks to Heather at Then Heather Said, I joined a homemade ornament swap this year.  I absolutely love to make ornaments.  I have been letting my crafty self go and ignoring it quite a bit but not this Christmas.  I love to make things – especially ornaments – but do realize that making just one is usually a pain so I let Heather know that I could make and mail three.


Of course, I had many different ideas of what I was going to for the ornament swap.  I have all kinds of craft items from shrink plastic to clay to paper to inks to card stock to …that’s it! To dominoes.  Here is the a quick tutorial.


Items needed:

De-glazed dominoes (if ceramic)

tissue paper

white glue



paint brush


E6000/super glue


1. Deglaze the dominoes.  If you are using those old-fashioned, ceramic-type dominoes, they come with a glaze on them that needs to come off.  Soak them in some water with bleach in it and then wash with dish soap and let air dry.  I do this as soon as I get home with my dominoes so my children realize these are not household toys.

2.  Mix plain white glue (Elmer’s works great) with water so it is really runny.  I really can’t say the exact proportions but you do not want it to feel like it is glue, more like paint.

3.  Use the paintbrush to “paint” some of the glue mixture on the domino(es).

4.  Put small torn pieces of tissue on the domino where it has glue mixture.

5.  Paint over the tissue paper.

6.  Repeat until the entire domino is covered.

7.  If you have a particular item you want on the domino, cut it out and place on the domino following the directions above.

8.  Let dry.

9.  Put super glue/E6000 on the edge and put ribbon along edge.

4 thoughts on “Homemade Ornaments

    1. Thanks, Katie! I hope you had a great Christmas. I have photos of the ornaments I received also and need to post them.

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