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I am sitting down watching last night’s episode of ABC’s “Brothers & Sisters.”  I hate to say it but a 10 pm show is too late for me to manage to stay up and watch a full hour show.  I undoubtedly end up falling asleep and missing a good part of the show and, because I am sure I am going to stay awake, I don’t record it and have no idea what is going on.


This particular episode deals with one issue that is near and dear to my heart – women and aging.  There are a couple other issues going on but these two sub-plots really pulled at my brain as I was here in front of both the television and the computer this morning.


Nora Walker, played by actress Sally Fields, is the family matriarch.  She is a 62 year old widow who has decided to work in a flower shop to have some extra income.  I know those of you who watch the show will think that is a simplified explanation.  The full story is not important to this one issue.  Nora runs into a friend who has had some plastic surgery.  The friend convinces Nora to go to a consult with her plastic surgeon.  I realize that Sally Fields is an actress and is in good shape.  Yet, the character decides at 63 that she needs some work done.


Plastic surgery is major surgery.  The friend Nora Walker meets plays it off as an outpatient procedure – which it may be – and a couple weeks on the sofa with pain pills and “General Hospital.”  That is not a normal in my mind.  I have had major surgery, granted these surgeries were c-sections to deliver four of my six children, and never found it normal to lay around and pop pain pills after surgery.


On top of that, how many women have wrinkles?  Most of us.  We live, hopefully, full lives.  These lives include tears and laughter – which creates lines on our faces.  These lives include time spent outside – which tans us but also ages us.  Those who look like they have not lived are trying to hide something, trying to hide themselves.


The second issue hit even closer to home.  Sarah, Nora’s daughter who is played by Rachel Griffiths, is dating a younger man.  That in itself is not an issue.  The fact that she has not been honest about her age to Luc is the issue.  He thinks she is turning 40 and she is older than that.  She is concerned that the age difference will be a problem with the two of them.  Luc, though, has known her true age the whole time.  Another issue is that she has two children and will not be having more children.  She is not sure that this is fair to Luc.  She also worries that he will want his own children some day.  She doesn’t, until the end of the episode, discuss these concerns with Luc.


We, women specifically and people in general, cannot make assumptions about the way others will react and feel about circumstances.  The best thing we can do is be honest about our circumstances and let the chips fall where they may.

6 thoughts on “Age

  1. I can’t stay up to watch a 10pm show, either. It’s terrible! However, TiVo is my friend for this very reason.

    My mother’s had plastic surgery on her face and believe me, it’s MAJOR stuff. Horrified me enough that I’ll never be doing that!

  2. I’m with you, Nicki! I might not always be completely happy with what I see in the mirror (or on my arms or elsewhere!) but it is mine. It wasn’t cut and pasted and tucked. I think the best anti-aging regimen I can do is to accept my age and enjoy each age.

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