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Great NY State Fair

I spent two full days at the Great NY State Fair in Syracuse, NY this past week.  Both days involved leaving the house so that we arrived at the fair before noon.  Both days had the goal of going to some free concerts at Chevy Court – an open courtyard area with a stage that I presume is sponsored by Chevrolet.

Wednesday, the temps were in the 90’s and there was no breeze at all.  The air seemed truly stagnant which was proven out by the air quality advisories in effect for the entire state of NY.  We got all sunscreened up, picked up the boy’s girlfriend and headed to Syracuse.  With no traffic, the drive to the state fairgrounds takes about an hour and a half.  We knew that we needed to figure the possibility of traffic into that drive time plus parking and getting from the parking lot to the fairgrounds.  The goal was for the boy (#6) to see a cooking demonstration by Mario Batali at 2 pm.  #6 is starting a two year culinary program at the local BOCES as part of his high school education this fall.

Because I have quite a few photos of the different demonstrations and concerts we saw at Chevy Court, I am going to put a slide show below that is just general fair photos.  My 23 year old daughter and I walked around and saw things while #6 and his girlfriend did the same on their own.  My hat really goes off to those of you who took small kids to any fair as this was so easy as my kids are all old enough to know to meet me at a certain time.

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2 thoughts on “Great NY State Fair

  1. No milk for me, Molly. Slight lactose intolerance added in with the heat and I would have been looking for a medic. We had a blast, though, both days we were there.

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