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Rec Park Music Fest

Sunday, I spent a good portion of the day at Rec Park in Binghamton.  There was a live music fest that ran from 1 pm to almost 9 pm.  Eight bands played a 40 minute set.  The music ran the gamut from jazz to Dixieland to Zydeco to rock.  It was a wonderful day and I captured a lot of it with my DSLR.

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11 thoughts on “Rec Park Music Fest

  1. Fun photos!

    After reading your last post, I think it’s great to have a network of friends to help you out on that long run. I have a 17 miler planned for Sunday, thankfully my two running buddies are doing it with me!

    1. Definitely, BLW. The boy/man in the black tee shirt and the dancing shots is my 19 year old. We had a great time together for the day.

    1. Katie – had a blast. Not too often my 19 year old and I find something we both like to do. Music is definitely one of those things!

      The slideshow is a WordPress item.

  2. Oh, I would totally be up for something like this! Listening to jazz music outside in a park…nothing better! Great pictures too! Enjoy the weekend Nicki:)

    1. I try to get to as many of these outdoor music things as I can. Enjoy your weekend as well, Julie!

  3. I love summer nights like this. I’m going to an outdoor music fest this Thursday and I can’t wait! It’s what summer is all about.

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