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This post is in response the Five for Ten challenge at Momalom.com.

H olding on but loosely enough to let go when needed

A ttitude of gratefulness

P leasing to yourself and others

P utting yourself on the same level as others

I is a necessity in happiness

N ot ignoring needs but not giving in to wants

E xtra work towards living

S eeing the sunshine through the clouds

S ensing the love in everyone you are holding

13 thoughts on “Happiness

  1. “Holding on but loosely enough to let go when needed” – love this. And you’re so right. That’s the part I have most trouble with; I just want to keep holding on and not let go. I really have to learn to do so because I honestly think that will help make me happier.

    Thank you for this.

  2. L ots to think about here
    O ther things I’ll ponder: the I in Happiness
    V ocation makes for happy days
    E vocative way to lay this out.


  3. I just love this – so simply but eloquently put and encompassing the things that really do make for true happiness. Every single line.

    Stopping by from the Momalom link up to say Hi and am so glad I did.

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