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Delivering Happiness – Book Review

Two caveats to start this post.  First, I received the book Delivering Happiness for free for the purpose of reviewing it here on my blog.  I also received a copy to give away.  Second, this is posted now in association with’s Five for Ten challenge.

Delivering Happiness is not a total memoir of CEO Tony Hsieh.  It is a chronicle of the creation of a corporate culture.  To understand where this culture comes from, Hsieh does have to tell you a bit about his life and how he came to be at but that just makes the timeline more real in my mind.  I knew I was in for a great read and a mind-changing experience when I read the following paragraph on page 53.

I thought about how easily we are all brainwashed by our society and our culture to stop thinking  and just assume by default that more money equals more success and more happiness, when ultimately happiness is really just about enjoying life.

As the book progresses from Hsieh’s childhood to his college years, I laughed.  I could see my own children pulling some of the stunts that Hsieh did to give himself more time and less need to practice his instruments.  The college years, especially since I had just been in Cambridge, Massachusetts, painted pictures for me.  But, the true meat and potatoes of the book comes when Hsieh starts in with his entrepreneurial years.

Who has ever dreamed of going to a job they loved?  A job that brought true happiness on a day in, day out basis?  The culture that has become the norm at does just that.  There are statements written by employees to support the Core Values statement.

No corporation has been without bumps in the economic landscape we are currently living through but has managed to survive and thrive, having recently been purchased by  By emphasizing a corporate culture – as opposed to say casual Fridays – Hsieh has shown how a company can grow and stay true to itself.

A corporate culture that is followed throughout a company and is designed with input from all levels of employees can truly deliver happiness.

Look for additional information about this book, Delivering Happiness, on June 7th – the official release date.  Leave a comment and be put in a drawing to win the book.  Drawing will take place on May 24.

5 thoughts on “Delivering Happiness – Book Review

  1. Stories of entrepreneurs are always fascinating, aren’t they? That unique combination of the right idea at the right time is so interesting. Thanks for sharing this with us.

  2. While I’m not a corporate kind of girl I am in awe of companies that seem to do it right. That actually care about their employees and the environment they are providing. I work for a man that could care less about my sick kids, has never given me a bonus, and would fight me over a quarter if he had to. That said, he’s understanding enough to know that a mother needs to be home with her sick kids instead of attending to his damn business, but at the heart of it, he doesn’t really care. And it’s the NOT CARING that irks me to no end. I know it’s business, but so what.

    Okay. Tangent over. Sounds like an interesting success story.

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