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Sex and the City 2

I just saw a television commercial for the upcoming Sex and the City 2 movie due out the end of May.  I truly cannot wait.  While I love, love, loved the series, I was ambivalent about the first movie.  I wrote about going with my two daughters here.  My biggest concern about the first movie was it was not worth the loss of sleep as I stayed up and went at midnight with the girls.

Would I go to a midnight showing again this time around?  Probably!  I am that way.  Takes a lot to teach me a lesson.

Anyway, I loved the commercial I just saw on Bravo TV but cannot find it on YouTube at all.  Instead I leave you with the official trailer.

Will you be going to see Sex and the City 2?  Will you line up dressed to the nines to see it at midnight or go in sweats at midnight?  Do you miss Carrie, Samantha, Charlotte and Miranda?

29 thoughts on “Sex and the City 2

  1. I’m not the fan you are, but I did enjoy the series and the first movie. So yes, I’ll be there at the second – but not at midnight. I am soooo not a night person!

    1. I am seriously thinking a Saturday matinee this time around as my youngest is in NYC all that day which means up early for the bus. Probably no midnight showing unless the one daughter who will still – maybe – be in the area wants to.

  2. I can’t wait to see it!! I didn’t see the movie until it came out on DVD, but I really liked it. I might make a date with my sisters in law to see it in the theater.

    I just read your race recap, congrats on the PR!!! You just got me nervous when you said the Goat is three weeks away! I too am trying to watch my diet, I think I’m going to start keeping a food log, which I’ve never done before.

    thanks for tweeting my giveaway…oh! And the Rochester marathon is September 12.

    1. The whole only three weeks to the Goat is part of what has me thinking I should not do it this year. I am really recovering slower this race than last. Thanks for the congrats.

      I am hoping my one daughter that is in the area gets a job but if she doesn’t, we will go the first weekend.

      Thanks for the date in Rochester. That is my birthday weekend. Maybe I will come up and watch.

  3. I’m a Sex and the City addict. I admit it. Is there a 12-step program? If there is, I’m not joining!

    I won’t go at midnight, but, I’ll go – and by the DVD after, and thoroughly enjoy every moment of it. Again and again.

    (On another note – I hope you’re a little bit rested after your big half-marathon. Are those feet ready for some SATC stilettos?)

    1. I am putting on heels this morning to go to client meetings. Calf – just the right one – is still a bit sore but I ran yesterday – hill training.

  4. Yes, yes, yes! I’ll be there – not at midnight, but soon thereafter. (Perhaps a matinee during the boys’ naps?) The opening weekend of the first movie coincided with my annual girls’ weekend – serendipitous timing for sure.

    Sigh – yet another time I wish we were all IRL neighbors and not just virtureal ones so we could all go together!

    1. I think, this time, I am leaning towards the matinee. Last time, the midnight showing was full of young women – some still in high school – dressed to the nines. I am not ready for that. LOL!

      It would be nice to see a movie together!

  5. I guess I need to rent the DVD collections since this is one of the signature tv series of the last ten years I missed completely – along with the Sopranos, Mad Men, Lost – well, really everything since Seinfeld. Pathetic, I know. I spend my time watching HGTV and lusting after houses!

    1. Don’t feel bad, Linda. I never saw the series when it was originally run on HBO. We didn’t have HBO. My youngest daughter would borrow the seasons’ DVDs from friends. I was hooked.

      I also have never seen Sopranos, Mad Men or Lost. LOL! Generally, when I watch TV, it is sports or news or West Wing reruns.

  6. Ummm…I really disliked Sex and the City. Thinking about the show even now makes me want to hurl. How’s that for a review? : )

  7. Oh dear. Someone stop Amber from hurling! (And I don’t have HBO either. I didn’t see the series until it came out on DVD, and a man I was dating at the time said “Huh? With your shoes? You’ve never seen Sex and the City?”

    Well the man didn’t last, but the DVDs have! (And so have the shoes…)

  8. i miss samantha’s appearances on tv, but probably for a different reason than you. i might not catch the movie though. I havent yet seen the first – i was going to go to the midnight show, but wound up in the rocky horror picture show instead. Similar plot line i think. right? maybe not, but way more singing. and who doesnt like singing tranvestites? i cant say i prefer them to regular singers, but Frank N Furter was bad ass. I love Meat Loaf too. Actually, turkey loaf cause i dont eat red meat. Where is this going? who knows. hope the movie rocks out

    1. I am fairly certain you wouldn’t enjoy her in some of the more recent performances I have seen. Much more mundane characters.

      Oh, the memories of myself and #5 going to see Rocky Horror Picture Show. I love a good singing transvestite.

    1. Ah, definitely see the first movie before the second.

      We had our mom’s breakfast this morning and were talking about plans to go see it together. Wish you were all here and we could go also.

  9. I’m totally out of the loop – I must admit, I’ve never seen it (the movies or the show), but I’m weird!

    We’ve only had cable for about 6 months now, so I’m still not that into watching TV. I do watch movies (a lot!) so maybe I should check this one out to see what I’m missing 🙂

    Have a good weekend in Boston!

    1. No need to feel out of the loop, Shawna. But it is a good show – the actual HBO version. It has played in syndication in the US and they do have to edit the syndicated versions.

  10. Hi – you left a comment for me on the no-meat athlete blog about Boston. Thanks for the cheering – I will need it! =) As for Sex & The City, we (intentionally) don’t have cable so I never watched it. Then I saw the movie and now I’m an addict. It’s like crack – I know it’s bad for me but I keep going back for more.

    1. Where are you staying? I will be at the Courtyard in Cambridge.

      I absolutely love the series but never saw it until on DVD.

    1. Ah, I am staying in Cambridge. I will look for you at the finish! I have a friend who is starting in the first wave – I think that is what he said.

  11. Ughhh, this looks terrible to me! I’m sure I’ll be seeing it though. I LOVED the show, but was not exactly happy when they were making the first movie. I just don’t like when they turn TV shows into movies – it’s a thing. I’ll admit, though, I was pleasantly surprised by the movie. I think this trailer just violated me a little bit, though :p That being said, I’m sure I’ll be seeing the movie just like I saw the first one – with a very large group of my female relatives. Good times 🙂

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