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Saturday Night

Saturday night!  You would think a semi-attractive – don’t want to sound to conceited – single woman would be out doing something on a Saturday night.  This particular night transportation would be an issue as my children are all out and that means the cars are all taken, but I can always pull rank.

So, what have I done so far this Saturday night?  I have spent a good deal of time chatting on Facebook.  This was a unique chat – with a fellow Red Wings fan, one that actually lives in Detroit.  It was nice to spend some time getting to know Kevin and knowing that someone out there understands how I feel about the Red Wings – not a common thing in these parts.

I, then, sat down and watched one period of pretty awful hockey.  Two of the kids are at a local AHL game and I hope the hockey there is better than what I saw on TV.  Part of the problem is the MSG Plus video feed is horrible.  The rest of the problem is that the Senators are playing horribly.

Then, intermission came.  I quickly browsed the online dating site email I received.  For once, the men they seemed to think I may be perfect for were not all in some other part of the country.  Always a plus that plane fare is not a necessity to get to know someone.  I decided to check a few of the ten plus men out a bit more by actually logging into the site and reading their profiles.  A couple caught my eye but I gave up budgeting $33 a month for finding a date so the best I can do is wink at those I seem to want to know more about.

Next Saturday night I will spend at my son’s high school drama production.  I am the ticket lady this performance – except for Sunday when I will hand it over to a friend so I can leave early next Sunday for Boston for a couple days.

The Saturday after that is going to be spent in Oneonta – I think I am beginning to see why it is so hard to meet people here locally.  I am seldom here or free.

Anyway, I was just thinking I should be spending my Saturday night some way other than browsing the online dating sites.

12 thoughts on “Saturday Night

    1. Well, wait til I blog about later Saturday night – while I was trying to get a good night’s rest before my race. That will make you hope your kids never grow up. LOL!

  1. I spent my Saturday night folding laundry, commenting on blogs and reading a Banana Yoshimoto book while the little guy slept and his daddy played marimbata at an art gallery packed with beautiful people having a really good time.

    Wow, run-on sentence. Again.

    1. I am holding all the excitement til next weekend, Tracy. My son’s drama club is putting on “Our Town” so will be at that Fri and Sat. Sun I leave for Boston til Tues.

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