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Can Anyone Say Chauffeur?

I have always felt like I needed a commercial driver’s license.  It has been better lately as I have other licensed drivers at my home so I have not been doing the majority of “carting #6 around.”  He doesn’t mind if his older sister or one of his older brothers picks him up as long as he gets to go.

Wednesday evening ended up being a night that I was the only driver available to cart around #6.  He was heading to Johnson City to a friend’s 18th birthday party.  Yes, #6 is only 15 but he and Natasia have been friends for a few years.  To top that off, the new girlfriend was not going to the party so I was surprised but happy that #6 had chosen to help Natasia celebrate.  So the round trip to drop him off at the party was 11.54 miles.

Once home, I had to go out to the Masonic Temple in Maine to pick up #6’s Scout popcorn order.  That adds another ten miles to the driving around so I am now up to 21.54 miles.  I do not get to go home and have popcorn.  I have to go pick up #6 from the party as he has to be at church for a rehearsal.  Seems that at Confirmation rehearsal about a month ago he signed up to have his feet washed on Holy Thursday.  So, it takes 9.74 miles to get #6 and get him to the church.

Just to make my night, the sun was starting to set as we got to the top of the hill to go to the church.  Pictures are below.  In the process of waiting at the church for #6, I was asked to help with the setting of the table on Holy Thursday.

So, other than getting to see  a great sunset, I have put just over 40 miles on the car driving in circles as I pull in the driveway at approximately 8:30 pm.  No school on Thursday so the party goes until 11 so there is still a round trip to pick up #6.  The night ended at approximately 11:20 pm – a good two hours past when I would normally get in bed – with another 11.54 miles put on the car for a total night of 52.06 miles.

Thank heavens there is only one to cart around anymore.

19 thoughts on “Can Anyone Say Chauffeur?

    1. Thanks, Suzy. I have several friends who are running or have run it before. I figure it will be a good run for me and then, next run is Mountain Goat in Syracuse.

  1. Nicki,
    I feel your pain, as neither of my three daughters are able to drive themselves. Katy, my oldest, just got her learners permit, but with the change in NYS regulations, must wait 6 months until taking her road test. It will be nice to have an additional driver, but a little scary too!

    1. I have gotten spoiled, Debbie. I use to have older kids around that would cart the younger ones around just to have the keys in their hands. Not so much anymore. Now I can’t seem to produce enough cars for all the drivers in the house.

  2. I’ve always wondered: what kind of car (or, probably, van) do you have in order to cart around six kids? (I know they’re not all living at home now, but I’m still curious about how you did it in the past.)

    Maybe you should just go ahead with that commercial driver’s license and get a mini-bus! 🙂

    1. At one point in time, my ex and I had a Ford Aerostar. That was the only vehicle we had when together that held them all. I bought, the first car I ever bought, after we split up and the Aerostar died a Volvo wagon. I bought it in 2000 or 2002, can’t really remember. It was an 86 and had 124,000 on it when I got it. When they hauled it off to the parts place a year ago or so, it had close to 300,000 on it. I loved that car!! If I could afford one again, I would buy another.

      Current vehicles in the driveway are a Chevy Lumina (#5’s name on the registration bought by his father), a Oldsmobile Intrigue (#3’s car but use to be the ex’s and was given to her to be able to get to student teaching), and a Ford Explorer (in my name but actually #1’s car/truck). I gladly would use public transportation if we had it out here. LOL!!

    2. We drive an Explorer. There were a few years that they had 9 seats in them so we can (crowdedly) have an extra passenger. When I was growing up as the oldest of six we had a 12 (maybe it was 9?) passenger van. Ugly but necessary.

      I have been tempted to put a sign on it that tells people I am not a gas guzzler on purpose, but out of necessity!

  3. I totally can relate! There are days where I just run in gigantic circles. My husband works a lot of evenings so that leaves me to get everyone everywhere they need to be. Then my husband wonders why the car is such a mess. Hello? I’m practically living in it some weeks.

    1. I have felt that way many times. Use to be I always had a book in the car because I spent more time waiting to pick someone up than I did doing anything else.

  4. I am so dreading starting the “carting around” phase. And I only have TWO kids! I don’t know how you do/did it. I guess it just becomes part of the “job”. And your a great mama for doing it!

  5. Everything is so spread out in Arizona that I can totally relate, Nicki! Thank goodness it’s so scenic for when I’m stuck in traffic! It seems like every bit of carting around I do is for the teenager, not for the 10-year-old, but soon… horror of horrors, I’ll have a driver and another adolescent. Help.

    1. Oh, definitely! The carting is the teenager. I cannot even put him on public transportation here as we live out of town. He is pretty good about trying to find a carpool when I ask.

  6. LOL – so true – I don’t even want to sit down and figure out that mileage some days, just running around small town Alberta with these guys! Crazy! But, like you say, we just do what we have to do! Have a great Easter!

    1. Hope you have had a great Easter, Shawna! I live outside of town so sometimes it is a bit more. As a matter of fact, it is now 9:04 pm on Easter night and the 15 year old just came in and asked if I would run him up to Allison’s to watch a movie. That is probably a four mile one way trip. 🙂

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