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A Sunny Spring Walk

No, it truly is not spring yet in upstate New York.  Mother Nature, as usual, is being a tease and the weather has seemed almost springlike.  Yesterday, I walked down Edson Road so that my round trip was 3.2 miles.  I took over 50 pictures as I was taking the new camera for a walk.  I have placed some below so you all can see what I see when I run this road.

13 thoughts on “A Sunny Spring Walk

  1. Wonderful pic’s Nicki! Does that river ever freeze over? I’m not sure how cold it gets there. Your area looks a lot like mine! Except we’re spoiled with Chinook’s that sneak up and surprise us!

    Thanks for sharing your walk with us!

  2. Shawna – Two different creeks that feed into the same river. The creeks do, on occasion, freeze almost totally over. The water movement is fast so hard to freeze totally.

    No Chinook’s here, trust me!

    1. Spring may be a while still, Gale. I am sure, though I have been yelled at for even considering this, that we will get more snow before spring is truly here.

  3. I love that old barn – such nostalgia here for me. A beautiful symbol of family, hard work, the good life, the simple life.

    1. TKW – I may decide to do a whole page of barns. There are tons around here. This particular one is literally less than a quarter mile down the road. I can see it from my front yard.

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