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Date Night: Friday Night

No, I do not mean date line.  I mean I had a sort of, kind of, impromptu date on Friday night.  I know.  None of those terms – sort of, kind of or impromptu – are generally used when describing a date.  So here goes.

Friday I worked hard in the morning after deciding that I needed to rest the ankle a bit.  I got dressed after showering to head to Ithaca.  I was going to Happy Hour with friends which you can read a bit about at A Friday Tradition.  I have posted a few pictures from a previous Happy Hour below.

All plans were to spend a bit of time at Happy Hour and then, inside my wallet, I had three star-shaped sticky notes with the galleries/shows I was hoping to see.  We all left Chapterhouse and headed our separate ways and I ended up at The Kitschen Sink for Dee’s opening.  It also happened to be Dee’s birthday so we had cake.  Then, downtown to The Commons as Alice has a show at Korova and stopped in there.  After that, I headed to The State of the Art gallery for the annual juried photo show.

As I headed out of the photo show, I realized a good friend of mine was suppose to be attending Levon Helm at the State Theatre.  I quickly texted Howard, telling him to have a great time at the concert.  The reply I received threw me for a second.  Remember, somewhere on this very blog, I have admitted to being a planner.  He had an extra ticket.  Did I have plans?  Did I want to stay for the show?  I did give it a little thought, though not much I admit.  Threw all the plans – I was on my way to the parking garage to head home – in the trash, turned around and headed to the theatre for the concert.

Howard is a person that I met on an online dating site several years ago.  We have been friends ever since.  His car broke down near my house once – which is a good 70 miles from where he lives – and I picked him up and put him in an empty bed here for the night.  Turns out the car was not repairable.  Amazing he would want to test another night with me.  🙂

Anyway, the company was good, the concert fantastic!  Thanks, Howard!!

11 thoughts on “Date Night: Friday Night

    1. I have had my share of impromptu fun and spontaneity in the last six to eight months. I like my scheduled life. LOL! But do love the occasional off-script fun!

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