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A Survivor

Yesterday was a tough day for me to get through.  Thank you all for your kind words and support.  While I did not comment/thank you each individually, know that you all touched me greatly.

As part of a work assignment, I was on the road for a good deal of yesterday.  I had lunch with a Holocaust survivor who is one of the authors that I work with through a freelance position with a local publishing house.

I am not going to say much except you should visit her website.  She is an extraordinary woman who is in her late 70’s and has a calling to let the youth of today know what happened in that dark time in history when the Holocaust occurred.  She was speaking near where I live, hence the lunch meeting.  Her book is amazing and I will write a review of it at a later date.

Now, I am off to enjoy the sun this morning as I have breakfast with the girls!

4 thoughts on “A Survivor

  1. Really an inspiring story, Nicki. I’m glad she got the the point where she was able to talk about it. My mother talks about her story to people on an individual basis but has never talked to a large group or school. She’s always afraid that someone will scoff at her or she’ll run into anti-semitic sentiment.

    1. Linda – I am sure she would. I know that it happens, which amazes me – how ignorant some people can be.

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