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What’s In Your Wallet?

A friend of mine posed this question on his blog on Friday and I couldn’t help but bite.  I did ask permission first and am slightly scared to delve into this now as I truly have no idea what is in my wallet.  Deena also took the challenge to see what was in her purse.

Let me say, though, that I changed purses this week.  I have always tried to

Former Winter Purse

achieve the “smaller is better” look since having had to cart around a huge purse with child entertainment in it for years.  My usual, until my sister sent me a Coach purse she no longer uses, purse for winter I have had for about four years and it is rather small, purplish in color and leather.  It came with some charms on it but some have been left places, purely by accident.

Black Coach Purse

My sister sent me a black, classic Coach purse.  I could have easily just plopped the former winter purse inside it and called it good but I didn’t.  I moved all items from one to the other.  This new purse is so big I thought I had lost my cell phone last night.  I couldn’t find it in the purse until I returned home and called myself.

Now, men carry wallets and maybe a brief case.  So what is in a man’s wallet is probably different from a woman’s.  That having been said, other than my wallet and a card holder, my purse contains a barrette, hand lotion, three pens, Blistex lip balm, Burt’s Bee Lip Gloss, a Prayer Revolution tag (if you want me to pass this on to you, let me know), several receipts (Sam’s Club, SEFCU, Weis), the invitation to the jewelry party I went to last night and the receipt for the jewelry I bought (this needs to be put in a safe location).

There is a zippered pocket in the purse.  I have, since I cannot find the holder I use to have for them, zippered my business cards in there.  You never know when you will need to give one to someone so must always have them on hand.

In my card holder, I have my driver’s license.  The picture is horrible and ten years old.  I will get a new picture taken this year I think, maybe.  The license is stuck in the card holder.  I cannot get it out.  In the interior part are the following items:  a tax exempt card for NYS Science Olympiad (I am a regional coordinator), the parking ticket from a November trip to Ithaca and use of one of their parking garages, a fortune cookie fortune (Your mind can make your body rich.), two airline frequent flier cards, three hotel frequent stayer cards, ticket stubs ( 2 movies, 1 Dallas Brass concert, 2 high school sporting events, 1 Binghamton Senators game, 1 NCAA hockey regionals, 1 college soccer conference tournament), 2 frequent buyer cards (1 from a jewelry store in New Paltz, NY and 1 from a local gas station for soda of all things), PTSA membership card, 5 business cards (including a bead shop in Corning, NY that I will get back to this spring), and a key tag for my Sephora Beauty Insider account.

Then, comes my wallet.  Now to start with, a woman’s wallet is nothing like a man’s wallet.  A woman may actually have several items in her purse that function as a wallet – a change purse, a card holder, a wallet, a checkbook holder.

I have seven dollars in my wallet, six of it in change and a one dollar bill.  I seldom have cash on me.  Tucked in one part of the wallet is a Cornell hockey ticket, a grocery receipt, a jewelry store receipt and a Dick’s coupon that expires at the end of the month.  Laying out in the wallet is the receipt from last weekend’s dinner with the girls and a grocery receipt.  Then in the card area that you can see here are health insurance cards (family is so big I need two), ScoreCard from Dick’s, Hollywood Video card, CVS ExtraCare card and my Sam’s Club membership card.  Behind the receipts shown are more cards:  a debit/credit card (just one as that is all I ever use), Starbucks card (duly registered with the Starbucks.com as I get free stuff that way – like soy in my lattes), two grocery store cards, a Broome County prescription plan card (all county residents got one), and a credit union access card.

In the back, where my cash should be, is more stuff.  Two ugly Starbucks cards – I don’t know why I keep these except they have a combined $0.27 on them and that can come in handy some days.  I have a thank you card from a child who was running in the 2009 Team in Training half marathon and raising money.  There is a 2009 Binghamton University basketball ticket – one of the last things my father gave me before his death last year.   I have three business cards with that ticket – all from people I saw at the funeral.  There are three expired coupons and two parking tags from visits to a local college (I think I kept thinking I could just use the old one if I kept it).  There is a credit card receipt from The Galley dated 12/29 and the last thing is a business card for Freevillemusic.com that I was given in December.

15 thoughts on “What’s In Your Wallet?

  1. Wow how cool! I guess “what’s in your wallet/purse” is somewhat indicative of our interests! I always thought I was weird for not carrying a bragbook of my kids with pictures and the like. I’m happy to know I’m not the only one who doesn’t carry such an item. Pictures just dont do my boys justice anyway. 🙂 Maybe it’s a more mature (older) mom with grown kids thing. LOL Or maybe it’s the younger mom’s thing while they’re so flabbergasted at how beautiful their kids are the prompts the bragbook.

    You clearly must enjoy sports. I guess the only sport I really enjoy is UFC which is ultimate fighting, mixed matial arts. My younger son is interested in MMA (mixed martial arts) and I plan to get him set up with some training soon. He’s pretty bad ass! 🙂 There was a physical anomoly that resulted in a 1/3 more testosterone than every other young guy his age. Even though we had that anomoly corrected, the excess testosterone has stayed with him and he’s build like a bodybuilder with little to no effort. haha

    1. I am a sports fanatic. Most of the tickets that were/are in my wallet/purse/handbag are tickets from sports events my kids were in or had something to do with.

  2. And now, of course, I have to open mine…

    In the wallet: credit cards, AAA card, insurance card, Borders card, several appointment reminder cards, NO money.

    In the purse: receipts from Target, 2 hair ties, hand lotion, a melted chapstick, mapquest printout to a restaurant, gum, emergency fruit snacks, bribery lollipops, antibacterial wipes, Motrin.

    But I have a very small purse….if I carried that Coach beauty that you’ve got, it’d be like the circus–you know, where all of those clowns come out of the car?

    1. Oh, TKW! I didn’t add – wait, yes, I did – things because the purse was bigger. I now have my camera in my purse and it didn’t always fit in my other one. The purse itself is heavy so I am trying not to load it down.

    1. Reflection too? But there is some there.

      All those sports tickets – Yes, I love sports (at the moment I also love Picture in Picture so I can watch the Red Wings play hockey and the Vikings play football at the same time). These tickets, though, all had to do with my kids. The high school football tickets are from #2’s team’s state championship season. The college soccer ticket is from the conference championship game from #4’s Division 1 season. They won their conference and played in the NCAA tournament. The NCAA Regional Hockey ticket – a weekend away with #2 to watch Niagara play in the NCAA Regionals. These are times I have spent with my kids that I want to remember. I’m a mother as these things will tell you.

      The other tickets – movies (one was our family outing at Thanksgiving, the other my first outing with friends I met online at a mom site that I now see frequently), the parking ticket – not a ticket for parking illegally but for a garage (a meeting with a friend at Thanksgiving).

      So what do all these say about me? I value my family and friends a lot. I am not a big make up wearer but love jewelry.

  3. I love this exercise! (I also have a much too tiny purse, jammed, and an overjammed wallet – nope – not with bucks and not sure with what!)

    I’ll be playing later in the week. It’s too much fun not to!

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