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Won’t You Be My Neighbor?

Through Five for Ten on Momalom.com, I have come to meet and know a huge community of bloggers.  Most are females.  Most are mothers.  Some are married.  Some are single.  All are fantastic!

I thought to myself, when I first read about “Won’t You Be My Neighbor” on one of these blog, that this was a wonderful idea.  But, how, how do I do it when I have already joined Nablopomo for January?  I don’t want to post at all on the day a “virtual neighbor” posts.  So January is out for my blog hosting, or joining in, with this wonderful project started over at The Never-True Tales.

So, I want to invite those of you out there who know – or maybe you don’t, and if that is the case, I am truly sorry – I love to read your writings to consider writing a guest post for my blog.  I could startle you with figures.  I could blind you with readers.  No, I really couldn’t as I have a following but it is not huge so I don’t think it is a big deal.

What I guarantee is I will not post on my blog the day your guest post is up.  I will link back to your blog in hopes that we have some different readership and can share that group.  I want people to know the bloggers I like.  There is some reason I go to your site day in, day out and I want others to find this reason.

I will be the rebel.  Since I am not starting this particular project until after January is over, I want to put my guest blog posts on Mondays (I hope my poetic license is okay?).  Should you all prefer Fridays, I am okay with that day also.  I will host one guest blogger a week starting in February.

Should you want to post here on my site, please email me. Topic is all yours!!

“Won’t you please, won’t you be my neighbor?”

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