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Poetry – The Memories

The Memories

The memories are there

In the back of my mind

Making me gasp

At a very strange time

The memories are there

As I climb in and out of bed

Of those final looks

Of those final words said

The memories are there

As I run on these roads

Of the support I once got

Of the support I once gave

The memories are there

Possibilities and plans

Of the future unspoken

Of a friendship that spans

The memories are there

Running ’round in my heart

Keeping me hopeful

For a fresh start

Just an aside, this poem has four stanzas but I am having formatting issues with WordPress.

5 thoughts on “Poetry – The Memories

  1. Hello again, your poem came up when I was tag surfing this morning to see what was new and I liked this up until the sweet optimism of the last two lines (that’s meant to be slightly sarcastic and humorous btw).

    On another note, I have also had formatting issues lately with WordPress and I generally use Windows Live to create and post so I am glad to hear it may not be my ignorance and lack of technical savvy that is at fault perhaps.

  2. I am glad you came back to read more.

    I am, on most days, an optimist. I am the one who can find a way to work through anything. I am having some problems at the moment but cannot, not yet and probably not for some time, give up hope that things may turn. My writings, especially my poetry, of recent days has been decidedly dark for me.

    The formatting issue is getting to me. I have gone so far as to try a different browser even though this one was working fine previously. I went in and put in HTML tags for breaks and still couldn’t get them. I am totally unsure what is up.

  3. The depth of this poem is absolutely incredible. I would take out an individual stanza, but all of them, together, make the essence of what you are communicating with this rhyme.

    I am thinking about you!

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