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The End of a Decade

I was out on the road yesterday.  No, I am not a traveling salesman, though I have played that persona at one point in my life.  I was running, a dual purpose exercise in my life.  I can get the exercise I need plus thinking time.

Yesterday, the thoughts that were buzzing through my brain were all about the decade coming to a close.  I am finding this so hard to grasp.  It does not seem like it was ten years ago that we were all worried about Y2K.  It does not seem like it was ten years ago I was celebrating the new millennium chatting with friends on the computer using a variety of chat clients.  It does not seem like we have already gone through ten years where the first two digits of the year have been two and zero.

I read someone, somewhere saying they were not sure that the decade ended this year or next year.  That thought, even though news organizations and sports channels on television are positive it ends on December 31, 2009, has stuck with me until the Y2K bit hit me smack between the eyes on my rather chilly run yesterday.

It was December 31, 1999 that ended the last decade.  It was December 31, 1999 that ended the last millennium.  The new decade starts January 1, 2010.

As I was going through all the blogs I read, I came across Belinda Munoz’s “Close Out the Decade with Five Happy Things.” I strongly suggest reading this piece.  It has truly got me thinking about things that have happened in my life in the last ten years.

This past decade, the first of this new millennium has been a winner in my book.  Here are some reasons why – and I am stealing some of these from Belinda’s lists.

I have been living in the same location for the entire decade.  That may not sound like a big deal to some people.  Trust me, it is!  When my marriage first ended, it was hard to find a house to rent or an apartment that was large enough for me and six kids.  When I found this house for rent, I jumped on it!  Three days after signing the lease, I lost the job I had at the time but I found another.  This was all in the closing times of the 1990’s but for at least the last ten years, we have lived here!

In this decade that is ending, I have had five of my six children graduate from high school.  All five enrolled in college.  Two of the five have graduated from college.  It has been a decade to give thanks for the education my children receive and, in turn, that they share with me.

In this past decade, I have met some wonderful people.  Some of these people have been “virtual” acquaintances and friends, living in other parts of the country and the world.  Some of these people have become very close friends and confidantes in my real life.  I have also re-met several people and am sorry that I wasted some time not being with them.  We will not, on my end or theirs, let that happen again.

I have cultivated an artistic skill over most of the last decade.  I let this skill be pushed from my life this year but will drag it back in as I can in the upcoming decade.  I have also learned many a new skill dealing with web sites, search engines, and book publishing.  I so ready to put these skills to continued use as the new decade comes.

What have you done this decade?  What memories will you take forward with you into the new decade?

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