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When Do We Settle?

I was having a discussion with a friend the other day when two disturbing questions – at least disturbing to me – came up in the conversation.  When do we face reality? When do we let the dream go?

My take is that we never give up.  We always have our dreams.  Dreams are like lives.  They are living things – always changing, always evolving, always re-shaping.  We may make an adjustment or change but the dream is always there, always looking to be pursued.

Many times we may stumble on our way reaching the dream but it is there, always giving us hope that we can obtain it.  Sometimes, the dream will taunt us, allowing us to get close but not touch it.  That is just a test to see how badly we truly want the end result.  Sometimes, the dream will morph on its own, into something more obtainable for us.

Do you settle – in your professional life, in your personal life?  What are your dreams?

6 thoughts on “When Do We Settle?

  1. I think dreams evolve. What I dreamt of a few years ago is completely different than what I dream of know. And part of that is because of the compromises that life necessitates. Part of that is because my needs and wants have changed.

    Right now my dream is, well, to dream. A long, long night of sleep.

  2. We need our dreams. But sometimes, life carries us elsewhere. We need to put them on hold, or allow them to evolve. Sometimes they are replaced by seemingly small things – as Kristen said – a night’s sleep. And you realize that isn’t small at all. It may be to someone else, but not to you.

    Some dreams never leave us. We may live conflicted and desirous of attaining them, unwilling to let them go. Is that good or bad? I have no idea. It just is.

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