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Waiting Again

I hate waiting.  I am not waiting on anything for me at the moment but to hear from a good friend how an interview went.  You would think this waiting would be easier but let me explain, by a trip down memory lane, how much I hate waiting.

As a young child, I would look with awe at the Christmas tree.  I waited for Christmas Eve to roll around as we always got to open on gift on Christmas Eve.  That was fine but by the time I was a teenager, I was an adept re-wrapper.  I would literally open gifts and re-wrap them.  Not just mine to see what I was getting but other people’s too.

Okay, so fast forward.  I seldom have a surprise under the tree.  I do most of the holiday shopping at my house.  I know, with almost 100% certainty, what is under the tree.  Of course, since I know what I was like as a teenager and since most of my kids are teenagers or older, I am holding off on wrapping until the last possible moment.  I do not want them re-wrapping while I sleep some night.

What about you?  Do you know what you are getting this holiday season?  What are you waiting for?

8 thoughts on “Waiting Again

  1. TWM – I write about waiting a lot. I did one post back after Thanksgiving on it, as it was the start of Advent. Now I have had the phone call and know that there is more waiting to come. Not sure I can handle it and it is not even my waiting…LOL!

  2. Hmm. Seems to me I know someone waiting to hear about an interview as well. That’s always hard.

    I’ve usually been good at waiting. Some things are harder than others to wait for, but right now – I’m waiting for my kid to get home from college. Tomorrow. (Have been cleaning his room, doing his laundry, and wrapping… more tomorrow.)

    What will I get for the holiday? Probably a t-shirt or some girly soaps or something teen boys can afford, and that’s about it. But you know what? My real gift will be having them both here – relaxed – laughing together, and all their friends around. Good stuff.

    Besides, I still have a red balloon on my ceiling.

    1. My last one arrives home today also, BLW. His twin sister is headed to Niagara for a basketball game and picking him up in Buffalo on the way home.

      I may have to get a red balloon, though in the coolness of this climate, it will not stay on the ceiling long.

  3. My sister was also an expert re-wrapper. AND she’d unwrap my presents and tell me what I was getting, even though she knew that I didn’t want to know! Bitch.

    I don’t know what I’m getting this year…knowing my husband, it’s some technical gadget (sigh).

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