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Greater Groton Photo Club

I have been to the first and second meetings of the Groton Photo Club.  I really am loving taking pictures with people who know much more than I do and in a place I do not normally take pictures.  You see, I am not from Groton but drive up for this event once a month.

Last night, we talked about night photos.  I had done some experimenting with these at the Canadian Pacific Holiday Train last weekend but was intrigued to have found more settings on my point and shoot camera since then.

A few tips I have discovered:

  • a small flashlight might be in order for night photography (hard to see knobs and settings if not near a street light)
  • a pad and pencil (those of us who have been where it really gets cold know that ink pens do not write in real cold weather) to write down settings would be ideal
  • dress for the weather that is out there but be prepared to have layers on

So, for those who can’t wait, here are my pictures of Groton last night.  It is a typical Smalltown USA.

6 thoughts on “Greater Groton Photo Club

    1. It was odd. You could see Chinese paper lanterns hanging in the restaurant and Christmas lights. I couldn’t not take the picture.

    1. That would have meant wondering up Spring St alone. I might have gotten lost. Did Claire put up all the lights for the holidays yet? LOL

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