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Sharing Too Much

Okay,  I am going to take a quick break from my holiday slant on the blog to share, or maybe over share.  Actually, this is about my oldest’s over sharing.

I was in the kitchen Sunday night.  I have a habit of taking, as the days get shorter and the nights colder and longer, a mug of herbal tea to bed with me.  I do drink it before I spill it usually.  So, imagine my amazement as I was standing in the kitchen and hear a voice, a conversational voice coming from the bathroom.

Most of you will never understand what I say but I live in an old farmhouse, the type of house that did not have indoor plumbing when it was first built.  The bathroom, when plumbing came to the house, was made from the pantry which is, whether good or bad, off the kitchen.

So there is conversational speech coming from the bathroom.  I can tell that the voice I hear is my oldest.  What I cannot figure out is who is in the bathroom with him?  I know I only have one bathroom.  Yup, raised six kids with one bathroom!  The other kids were accounted for but who had snuck into the house without my knowledge.

Then, out he walks – with no noise of water running, neither a flush nor a handwash – on his BlackBerry.  I was amazed!  In my mind, this was over sharing.  He had taken his mobile device into the bathroom with him and then continued talking while doing his business.

While I know many may think I share too much on here, I can assure you all I do not take the desktop into the bathroom with me!  Do you think my oldest – who is 25 in case that makes a difference – should have taken his BlackBerry into the bathroom and continued talking?  Do you do something similar?

5 thoughts on “Sharing Too Much

  1. I do not, but my hubby does. I scold him all the time because I used to do medical transcription and would routinely hear Drs. peeing and flushing while doing their dictation….NOT what I wanted to hear 😉

  2. Umm I am more bothered by the fact that he didn’t flush or wash. I think males son’t see this as an issue. Talking while doing their business. Men are strange folk!

    1. Laura – those were my initial thoughts, too. He did, after finishing the call, go in and flush but I had to yell out from my room for him to wash his hands. YUCK!

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