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Believe in Yourself

Today has been a busy day for me with work and a bit of socializing this morning.  Thursdays are, after all, my day for breakfast with the girls.  These women are women that I have one thing in common with – we are all mothers.  We met online first and have since moved to an offline relationship.  Consequently, my posting here has been pushed to later in the day.


I was reading a recent email about believing in one’s self.  This thought has been hit home again and again recently by many friends.  This particular email was discussing a day in Cincinnati, Ohio where the chance of rain, the one given by the professional forecasters, was zero.  Yet, as we all know, even professionals can be wrong and rain it did.


What the email pointed out is that many people in the world are told “you can’t do that,” whether by the voice in their heads or by well-intended friends and family.  Yet, with a strong belief in self, these people do whatever is in question and do it well.


We need to be able to believe in ourselves.  Belief in one’s self allows that one to help the next person learn to believe in his or her self.  Without that core belief in self, a person is too easily influenced and may be led astray.  Remember – there is always that chance of rain.  Anything can be done!

4 thoughts on “Believe in Yourself

  1. First of all, I LOVE that you have a day to have breakfast with the girls! And thank you for your believe in yourself encouragement. We ALL need this sometimes. And it’s nice to read from you. 🙂

    1. Jen – if you lived here, you would love our group. It varies who shows up but we have bonded wonderfully. It is an odd combination too – me with most of my kids grown and even #6 older than the others’ youngests, some with 9 and 10 year olds, some with toddlers.

      Next time I am out your way I will be sure to save time for breakfast. 🙂

    1. I do get up that way every now and then. When I do next, I will be sure to give you all some advance notice and we can all go to breakfast!!!

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