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A Most Beautiful Day

Yesterday was unique in that it was Veterans’ Day and that means November.  Yet, it was almost 50F out and sunny.  If you have ever stopped by certain parts of Upstate NY in the almost winter, you will know that those two things seldom happen together.


I traveled to Ithaca, NY yesterday afternoon for a client meeting.  This is a weekly, most weeks anyway, thing and the drive was wonderful yesterday.  And, I managed to get out during daylight so stopped quickly at a rest area above Ithaca College to take some pictures of Cayuga Lake.


Cayuga Lake from NYS Route 96B South of Ithaca College
Cayuga Lake from NYS Route 96B South of Ithaca College


Once home, I settled into “mom” mode and got dinner in the oven.  After the chicken was done and the spinach sautéed, I was about to sit down and eat when I saw the sky outside.  The wondrous day had lead to an even more wondrous sunset.


Sunset 11 Nov 09
Sunset 11 Nov 09
Sunset 11 Nov 09




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