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Accosted via IM

I know I should be more cynical.  I know I should not accept chats with just anyone.  I have to be honest, though.  A lot of my friends have screen names that are just that, screen names.  I do not know where they came up with them or why.


Imagine my surprise today when I get an IM request via Yahoo! Messenger for some strange name.  The person – and I am not using this term loosely – is calling me by name and asking me to approve them to chat with me.  I did not recognize the name.  That is not a requirement to chat with me so I approved the person.


Well, first it was “I am uncomfortable as I have a crush on you.”  What the heck?!?  I should have taken that as a clue and blocked the screen name immediately.  I just asked for a third time – “who are you?”


Well, then it was risque pictures and a few other words before I finally got the hint and blocked and reported the screen name.


When it comes to my children’s online safety, I am skeptical and cautious.  Why cannot I not be the same way for myself?  I am an open book online but I did not want to deal with this kind of crap today or any day.


How cautious are you with your IM?

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