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Me, Through the Years

I glibly said to a friend a while ago “I have a past.”  This comment keeps getting thrown back at me many times but the original statement came as he found pictures of me from high school in his yearbook.


People always ask me, “have you always looked like this?” Well, yes.  I cannot imagine answering that in any other way.  True, my body has been through some changes, but my eyes, my smile, even  to some extent my hair are all the same as they have been throughout the years.  Check me about below from toddler to adult.  Approximate dates below the images.


5 thoughts on “Me, Through the Years

  1. @gary – bring the Missus. I am bringing Rebecca, if her hubby isn’t late getting home from work.

    @Lisa – couldn’t tell you the last time I did a layout. Will have to consider it.

  2. you are brave to post so many pics of yourself.

    i am feeling brave for sharing that news story today.

    strange that i will write the most intimate details of my mind and my life for anyone to see on my blog…but feel so weird about showing my animated self, and putting my verbal voice out there….

    it’s silly really. isn’t it?

    1. Sarah – I am not brave at all. Most people have seen me at all these stages. There are a few of my more recent friends who haven’t – you included.

      Now that we all feel weird seeing ourselves on video at first. I use to have a go to the office job where I did interviews frequently. I hated it. #6 watched himself in his first drama production and wanted to know whose voice they put over his. You all did great!!!!

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