Just my Thoughts


First, I can’t believe how early it gets dark out now that DST is over.  I just had to run my 15 year old in to musical practice and it was dark by the time I was on my way home.  The high school is maybe four miles from my house.


The bonus is that I got to see the full moon rising and it is beautiful and a sunset that reminded me of summer nights.


November is National Novel Writing Month.  I am working on my second attempt.  My first attempt last November did not end in a win – which is what they call when you actually pump out 50,000 words in the month.  I managed to only write 14 days last year so the 14,400 plus words which is not spectacular but would have come close if I worked hard.


This year I have managed to set a goal of 2,380 words a day.  I am realistic in knowing that I will not write 30 days out of this month.  I figure I will realistically write 21 days, hence my high word count.  So far, I am on task and have written 4835 words in two days.  In this amount of time, I have also had brunch with family that is here from California  look for a restaurant review soon.  I spent yesterday with them and then with a friend.  I worked and ran today and am going to a Mass of Remembering, Healing and Hope.  I did tell the family that today was leftover night so no cooking.  Tomorrow, I am hoping to stockpile a few blog entries and words on the novel.  I am spending the day writing prior to a client meeting and going to hear Arianna Huffington.


So, if you see me in November, ask me how the word count is coming.  Ask me if I am keeping up my running.  Just don’t ask if my house is clean or my laundry is done.  Off to work on the laundry issue right now.

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