Just my Thoughts

Storm Rolling In

The storm warning had occurred as I stood at the grill.  While I do have a weather radio, it is seldom on so I rely pm the computer to tell me of impending weather.  As I walked in the house to get a platter for the grilled goodies, Dan yelled from the living room.  There was just a thunder noise coming from the computer.

I quickly stopped to check The Weather Channel.  Yes, we were under a severe thunderstorm watch.  From the radar, it looked about half an hour to forty-five minutes away.  No big deal.

I returned to the grill with the platter in hand and retrieved dinner.  As I always do, I turned the grill on high as I headed to the kitchen table to call the boys to dinner.  I went back out to the grill to scrape it and turn off the gas.  As I returned inside, the wind was picking up.  I grabbed my camera and headed out the back door.  It’s a good thing dinner was all on the grill, I thought, as the curtain blew over the two stove burners.



I walked in the back door, setting my caera on the kitchen table.  I organized my plate with sides and a hot dog – mustard, onions, relish – and decided I would eat on the screened front porch.  The boys were hurriedly getting plates also but one was heading into work as the other wanted some TV time.

The wind blew even stronger as the sky changed from sunny to dark.  I could smell a strange odor in the air.  I looked around to make sure there was no fire burning, although that was not the odor.  It smelled like ozone, very odd.



As the minutes ticked by, the sky changed again.  No longer were there menacing clouds with small peaks of sun.  A solid gray mass became the sky as the winds subsided somewhat and distant thunder rumbled.  I searched the sky, as I picked up my book, to see if we would really feel the rain tonight or if it would be another night of wind.

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