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Online Fax Service

As a freelancer, I do need access to a fax machine frequently.  Unfortunately, without consistent work, the monthly fee for eFax tends to be a bit much.  Today I discovered a new online fax service.


Packetel offers unlimited faxes sent to your email account for $3.95 per month.  Currently, you can get a fax number in eight different states for the monthly charge.  Services is limited to receiving faxes only.  


The savings that can be seen by using Packetel to receive faxes over other online fax services or even over an actual fax machine is significant.  In times when all businesses are finding ways to cut costs, this is a great savings tool and still allows you to have fax capability.

3 thoughts on “Online Fax Service

  1. I’ve been having the same problem! I don’t have enough fax-related tasks to warrant paying for eFax, and usually just end up scanning in forms and e-mailing them as .pdfs. Do you think recipients consider that unprofessional?

  2. It frequently depends on the client. Many do consider emailed documents unprofessional, especially if you are freelancing and it may be a first bid. As more companies outsource to freelancers, they expect the same communication methods they received when they were dealing with other large companies.

    Personally, I would prefer an emailed pdf than a fax.

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