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The Spin Zone – NY 20th CD

A special election is always news.  This year the special election to fill the NY 20th Congressional District has brought out the full force of both parties.  Republicans have used this as a chance to start their renewed climb to power in NY where they were recently voted out of power in the state senate and assembly.  Democrats have used this as a chance to see how far, or long, the new president’s coat tails will extend.


Now, the television ads have finally stop but the spin has begun.  With more than 10,000 absentee ballots having been sent out, the approximately 65 votes separating the two candidates seem negligible.  Court cases have already been heard in the case, with the state extending the time to receive military ballots to April 14th.


The GOP is spinning this election as a win, regardless of the final result.  The previous incumbent, Democrat Kirsten Gillibrand who is now a US senator, handily won re-election last November by a large margin.


The Democrats are spinning the election as a win.  The district is heavily Republican so any close race is a win for the democratic party.


We can expect to hear spin in every direction over the next two weeks.  Hopefully, the election will be decided in that time.

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