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In Spring …

… it is said a young girl’s fancy turns to compost.  I admit this statement may make me seem a bit less than young but I do rethink my composting every spring.


This spring, my fancy was brought back to composting while reading an article in Mother Earth News.  This caused me to get out my copy of The Vegetable Gardener’s Bible by Edward C Smith.  I also did some online reading about the reasonings for and production of compost.


For those who are unfamilar with compost, it is the product of controlled aerobic decomposition of organic materials.  Basically, it is what happens in nature to organic materials when given enough time and air.  The uses of compost are many but for the average person, it is a great addition to your soil as a fertilizer.


My compost pile – which is currently in a couple of plastic garbage containers – tend to fill up in the fall with leaves as I cover my plants and other items with the leaves off the large maple trees in my yard.  Over my leach field, I have many layers of leaves and tend to turn these but never use this compost as I want to keep the leach fields covered well.


Besides leaves, you can put the following items in compost:  tea bags, coffee grounds, egg shells, fruit and vegetable peels.  When I was first introduced to my former husband’s family, his mother “gift wrapped” her garbage.  She sorted out, in a separate container, the organic matter.  She did so in an attempt to keep neighborhood animals out of the garbage but I do so to put it in my compost bin.  I keep a small coffee can on my kitchen counter.  In it go egg shells – preferably crunched up to small pieces – and coffee grounds and tea bags.  Also in it are apple cores, carrot peels and potato peels.  Not in it are meat scraps.


As you get ready for your spring garden, check out the following resources for compost tips and hints.


How to Compost


What is Compost


Additional How to Compost


How to Start a Compost Pile

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