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Below is my post on a local mom’s discussion board.  I am, again this year, going to attempt to grow some veggies.

I have to admit that I tend to kill plants but I am, again, looking at a garden for this spring, summer, fall.  I became very spoiled when I was a member of a CSA (community shared agriculture) a couple of summers ago and had fresh veggies, fruit, honey, eggs each week.


In an attempt to not feed the “critters” that frequent my yard, I am looking at some container gardening.  Has anyone out there tried this?  The big plus in my mind is I can put containers on my screened in front porch at night to keep them away from deer, rabbits, coyotes, foxes, etc.


If you garden at all, what do you find the easiest to grow?  What do you love to get fresh?  What would you recommend? 


Also, I am not starting things from seed.  BTDT and not at all successfully.  Where would you recommend buying plants?

In an attempt to find more information, I went magazine shopping yesterday.  I came home with a magazine I have not read in years – probably since my freshman or sophomore year in college.  I have a copy of Mother Earth News – a special edition called “Guide to Growing Your Own Food.”


I am slowly reading through articles on composting, soil selection, container gardening.  I am enthralled by it and figure this year I will persist and have actual herbs and veggies from my own hand.

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