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The Governor Came to Town

Last week, Governor David A Patterson  was scheduled for a town hall meeting in Binghamton, New York.  He rescheduled for tonight so that he could go to Washington, DC to witness President Barack Obama and the signing of a child health insurance bill.


Tonight was the rescheduled town hall meeting in the gym at Broome Community College.  Questions were selected from many that were submitted in advance by moderator and local television personality Steve Craig.  Those individuals whose questions were asked did the asking themselves.  


The governor seemed to want to be sure that all in the audience and listening and watching on WIVT-TV or listening and watching on a live feed at pressconnects.com understood that the current fiscal disaster is dire and will take “shared sacrifice” to get out of it.  The problem is that the top of NY – both in government/public service and in income level – is not sharing in the current budget.


Questions asked ranged from concerns about natural gas drilling to taxing the rich more to nursing home cuts to nutrition program cuts to higher education cuts.  Governor Patterson answered most of the questions directly but, and in my mind he really needed to do this, he did not sell his budget at all.


This is the second time I have listened to the governor since he presented his budget to the state legislature in December of last year.  Both times I anticipated he would phrase his words in terms of the budget he proposed – explaining why his cuts and his increases were important, explaining why I should support them as a taxpayer in NYS.  Neither time has the governor convinced me that he understands his own budget enough to sell it.  Neither time I have hear him speak since mid-December has the governor convinced me that his budget is the only way or the right way.

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