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Exercising My Voting Privilege

Literally and figuratively.  I just returned, about an hour ago, from my polling place.  You see, I run to my local polling location.  Up until two years ago, this was a relatively flat prospect.  Then, the local fire department started a building project on the station on Route 26.  The polling location moved to Union… Continue reading Exercising My Voting Privilege

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Strangest Weather-Related Issue So Far

Yes, I now have CNN on my television. CNN started publicizing a hotline to report voter irregularities last week or the week before.  They reported on some during early voting in both Georgia and Florida. I have heard of some strange happenings in the local area thanks to Pressconnects.com but the recent voting irregularities report… Continue reading Strangest Weather-Related Issue So Far

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Election Night Television Recommendation

Should you be tired early this evening of hearing about the lines voters don’t want to wait in (this is a small price to pay for the type of society we live in), the faulty machines that are being used (I am really hoping this doesn’t make big headlines), or how close or not close… Continue reading Election Night Television Recommendation

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City School Districts

I have always encouraged my daughter, who is a senior at Niagara University and will graduate with a degree in elementary education and a minor in literacy, to stay in the Niagara area and student teach.  My theory was that even the “city” school districts in our area are not true inner city school districts. … Continue reading City School Districts

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College Students and Voting

I grew up in a very political home.  My grandmother was a poll worker/election inspector.  My best friend’s father was the county democratic chair.  I volunteered on my first presidential campaign in 1972 at the age of 11, stuffing envelopes for George McGovern.  My father could not believe, when I finally registered to vote, that I… Continue reading College Students and Voting

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Business Productivity on Election Day 2008

I am intrigued by this story that seems to be a non-story for national media.  I don’t think that lines will be extraordinary where at my polling place.  Granted, there are only two machines at the polling place but things generally run smoothly.  My first time voter, 18 year old son, left the house at… Continue reading Business Productivity on Election Day 2008

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Everything is Local

With all the buzz about national politics, please remember that everything is local as you step into that polling booth tomorrow.  I am watching a series of races – local, state and national – for my area plus a few other races that have caught my eye throughout the last two or three months. Locally,… Continue reading Everything is Local

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Healthy Lifestyle Journey – Part I

Just  quick preface – I started this post on October 1.  I added to it last on October 31.  I have decided I need to publish it and then work through the rest of the journey as time allows.  Reasoning is two fold:  (1)it will make the post shorter than if I do the entire… Continue reading Healthy Lifestyle Journey – Part I