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Business Productivity on Election Day 2008

I am intrigued by this story that seems to be a non-story for national media. 

I don’t think that lines will be extraordinary where at my polling place.  Granted, there are only two machines at the polling place but things generally run smoothly.  My first time voter, 18 year old son, left the house at 7:02 to vote before school.  He really wanted to vote during lunch but he only has an hour and a half so I told him that before or after school would be better.  Since school started five minutes ago and he didn’t stop yet to get a written note that he was going to be late, I don’t think he ran into any problems.  If he did, you can be sure that will be a later blog entry.

I want to know what productivity is like for businesses today in places like Virginia – where the line just shown on television didn’t look like it was moving, places like Philadelphia – where the line was about five city blocks last time it was shown on television and was not moving very quickly, places like Ohio – where there was so much controversy last election.

Does the business you work for give you time off to vote?  Does the business you work for encourage your political voice?

One thought on “Business Productivity on Election Day 2008

  1. I work for a private contractor. I am contracted to the US Forest Service, so subject to their “rules.”

    The official stand is vote before or after work. If the poll hours are less than 90 minutes before or after work, you may use annual leave.

    If you have a commute to work that is more than 60 minutes one way, it is suggested that you use absentee voting, but may use annual leave if you wish.

    Easy for me. I worked at home today 😉

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