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Looks Like the Decision Is Made

Last weekend my 18 year old son went on an overnight visit to his top choice of colleges.  He had applied to four schools – SUNY Oneonta (early action), College of St Rose, York College and Duquesne University.  He was, although he admitted the campus was not his favority, really taken by the program at SUNY Oneonta.  He wants to study sound recording technology or engineering.  The music industry program at Oneonta is fantastic.

Today came the letter!  He was accepted to the music industry program at…



And, if you are one of his older siblings, don’t tell him I told you.  Let him tell you himself.

One thought on “Looks Like the Decision Is Made

  1. Congrats to your son! Mine went on an overnight and decided that he doesn’t want to be a Vet after all and is going into engineering. He grew up wanting to be a vet, but his brain is more altered for engineering. Glad he found out, by himself, now. His dad and I kind of knew a few years ago but wanted him to do what was best for him.

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