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Christmas Cards

I love the tradition of sending out Christmas cards.  I usually make and send out approximately 60 of them.  I have my first design done and am going to post it here.  I have to say, I really want the card itself to be a deeper green, more of a forest, but this is all I have on hand at the moment.

The poinsettia is actually three separate stamps in different sizes.  I used Adirondack ink in cranberry and stippled it on the stamp.  That seemed to be the only way I could get any of the three sizes inked up properly.  I did the stamping last night.  I did the cutting out of one set of three poinsettias the morning and then set the card with a brad to hold them together.  I need to find a front sentiment but will possibly leave it just the flower.

Poinsettia card
Poinsettia card

2 thoughts on “Christmas Cards

  1. Hi Nicki!

    THANK YOU so much for visiting my blog and leaving such a nice comment!!!! I’m glad you liked my beaded Christmas cards!!!!

    I LOVE your Pointsettia card, as well . . . that was a lot of work to cut out all those pieces and layer them . . . what a BEAUTY!!!!

    Have a Happy Thanksgiving!!!!


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