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Halloween Charms

I use to be terrified to join a charm swap.  I am still a tad bit behind some of my peers but I joined the Halloween charm swap from The Latest Trends in Mixed Media.

I had so many different ideas floating around in my head.  I have been on a “use what you have” kick this year, trying to use up supplies that have sat idle for years in my craft room.  This particular challenge and swap was not to be if that was the case.  I went off to Michael’s to get some shrink plastic.  I am use to using a frosty plastic but this time, either by design or accident, picked up white shrink plastic.

I went in search of what I wanted to make a charm shaped like – a pumpkin, a jack-o-lantern, a skeleton, a skull, a cemetery headstone … I couldn’t decide.  Then, my 14 year old son asked if I would buy some candy corn.  I don’t buy “junk” or candy often but told him sure and that helped tremendously.  I decided to make charms that were candy corn.

I liked the way the charms looked so much I made myself earrings with the same design.

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