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Freezer Cooking

I was going to start this post a while back but it, instead, turned into a post about pantries.  I have several friends who freezer cook.  You may also hear it called Once A Month Cooking.  It is extremely popular with busy families as your food is in your freezer.  One group of friends even swaps meals.

I admit, as much as I love to cook – and I do!, I have trouble thinking of cooking enough food for a month at one cooking session.  All I see is a huge mess in my sink as I don’t have a dish washer.  I do this in slightly smaller quantities/duration as I also do not have a big freezer any longer.

I want to hear what you all think of freezer cooking so I have gathered some resources for you.  Please look at these sites and articles and then let me know what you think.

September 2008 Issue of Chewin’ the News – Please be sure to look down at the table full of food Nancy is going to prepare in one sitting.  That may look overwhelming but to me, it is inspirational that one person can do that much work in one day.

Start Small:  Sneak Up on Freezer Cooking – A great place to start if you are new to freezer cooking.

Feed the Freezer – A more complete guide to freezer cooking.

Freezer Chicks – A blog about a group of friends that freezer cook and then swap meals.

One thought on “Freezer Cooking

  1. Thanks for the links! I’m new to OAMC so they’ll be useful. I’m single and work full time, so I’m doing one recipe at a time. They’ve been taking me 2 hours a pop. I really don’t think I’d have the stamina do to all of them in one sitting!

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