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Early Morning Phone Calls

I realize I work from home.   We had a period – way too long a period – of time where business calls were coming into my house at all hours of the day and night.  I was getting desensitized to the phone ringing at odd hours.  Well, the other day, I finally figured out how to fix the business call issue all on my own and did so. 

Now, I am almost back to normal.  If the phone rings after 11 pm or before 8 am, I always assume, bad word that I try not use very often, that something is wrong.  Friday morning was no exception.

I was up and drinking my first cup of coffee.  There was no school – finally – so the boys were both still sleeping.  It was not yet 7 am.  The phone rings.  The caller ID says it my father.  Panic sets in! 

Thankfully, the call was nothing bad but do you ever wonder what makes people call you at odd hours?  Do you panic at 12:15 am when the caller ID says it is one of your kids?  Do you panic at 6:52 am when the caller ID says it is your father?

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