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GPP Street Team Crusade #21 – Irresistible!

Crusade #21Every month I look forward to my visit to Michelle Ward’s GPP Street Team blog so that I can see what Michelle has come up with for the crusade of the month.  Last month it was paper casting which is something I love.  This month it is IRRESISTIBLE – wax resist!  I set off to visit some of the other artists’ work and to create my own crusade items.

Earlier this year, I did some wax resist from a workshop with an online group that is working through Julia Andrus’s Paper Transformed.  At that time, I used beeswax and melted candle wax as my resist.  This time I am going much more simple – good, old-fashioned Crayola crayons are the wax for my resist this month.

I was certain I needed to use a stamp as my etching.  Do not ask why I was so narrow minded.  I was thinking choosing a stamp was going to be difficult when my daily mail arrived.  To my great surprise, my Latest Trend’s Art Partner Challenge was in the mail and it included a stamp from Inka Stamps so I decided fate had chosen a stamp for me.  I gathered up my supplies and got started.

Initial Wax and Supplies

Please ignore the mess on my table as I was trying to find the room with the best light.  I did use two different color crayons – brown and white.  You cannot see the white rubbing but can see the brown one.  I, then, took watercolors and went over the rubbings and quickly blotted excess paint off the paper.


I was really not liking this particular product so went back and re-read Michelle’s tutorial.  Oh yeah, she said acrylic paint.  I pulled out some cheap craft acrylics and tried with the same stamp again.


These didn’t really move me either.  I don’t know what I am looking for but neither of these are it.  So I went surfing. The great thing about the Street Team crusades is that there are links to everyone else doing the challenge.  I was inspired greatly by Kim as she was using items other than stencils and stamps.  I went off around my house looking for other items I could use. 

 My Final Supplies

So I started again and below are the results from the edge of the pressed aluminum tray and the middle of the tray and the magnet.


I think my favorite are the ones from the pressed aluminum tray.  A hint I would offer comes from my searching other’s work and that is to think outside stencils and stamps.  Another hint is to be sure your crayon is worn.  I took one of my son’s jackknives and made the crayon flat on the long side so it was easier to use.

8 thoughts on “GPP Street Team Crusade #21 – Irresistible!

  1. Nicki – thanks for taking us through your process of experimenting with rubbing. As you mentioned, you were inspired from another crusader – thanks for saying that. It’s the perfect proof that we all learn from each other as we try new things and share the thoughts and results. Thanks for adding in your hints too.

  2. Hi Nicki ,
    Thanks for noting me as the source of your inspiration ! I am oh so flattered !Looks like you found some great things around the house to play with. Those textures are great ! I hope you will show us what you do with your great new papers.

  3. Hello Nicki,

    thanks for visiting my blog ! The crusades àre fun and I love to visit all the other participants, because you really learn a lot of each other !

    maybe till later !

    Inge ( from Belgium)

  4. Nicki, I enjoyed reading about your process. Your presentation of this fun project was really good!

    Have a great hair day! Becci

  5. I like how your textures turned out. The tray impressions are really nice. Isn’t it great how we are able to inspire one another? Brava Michelle for making it possible.

  6. A ha….I too did not like the results I got from using rubber stamps for the images…although the stamped images are cool, I think the lines are too thin..this crusade really made me think outside of the box…and that’s why I like participating so much! The textures you have are REALLY cool!!

  7. Thanks for nice comment in my blog.
    I love crusade too, whereby we have a month to experience & exploring the challenge.
    Take care 🙂

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