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The Color of the Spring is Green

I love the flowers as they bloom and the vibrant colors they bring to the road side and yards around my area but it was coming down the hill yesterday that I was taken by the vibrant and many shades of green there are in spring.  There were the ever dark greens of the pines and spruces, aptly called evergreens.  There were the red tips of maples that did not yet have leaves on them, which also left some brown exposed in the hillside.  There were the yellowish-greens of all species of deciduous trees.  The color of the season is green.


Above are two dominos done freehand with Sharpie markers with green in mind.  They were definitely inspired by my view as I was driving down Twist Run Road looking at the hill in the horizon.


2 thoughts on “The Color of the Spring is Green

  1. I do understand the drippy umbrellas but the sun is out here. Unfortunately, the breeze is really cold.

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