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How do you describe yourself?

I know I saw this on a message board recently but cannot remember, for the life of me, where it was.  Anyway, the concept just crossed my mind again as I was introducing myself to a new working for the company I do contract work for.

When you meet someone new, how do you introduce, describe yourself?

Very few of the people I work with know I love art.  Even fewer know I create art.  I do occasionally call myself an artist but for some reason, not at work.

I am a single mom but even this is not cut and dry.  My ex – and I do call him that, even when he is around – is not legally my ex-husband.  We have been separated over ten years but neither of us has filed for a legal divorce.  Technically, we are still married but we both date other people and haven’t lived together since January of 1997.

I have two college degrees.  I have a forestry degree from Paul Smith’s College in Paul Smiths, NY and I have a  business degree with an emphasis in marketing from West Virginia University in Morgantown, WV.  I don’t know that I officially identify with either alumni group.  I do know a few alums from both places and I answer positively when asked questions by prospective students of either university.

So how do you describe yourself?  Are you a gardener?  Are you a mother?  Are you a lover of a specific type of music?  Are you a sports fanatic?  Are you an artist?  Do you work at home?  Do you freelance?  Do you work in a corporate environment?

6 thoughts on “How do you describe yourself?

  1. Stopped in to see the greens then was intrigued by your question. I had to think a moment…I think most of the time if asked What I do I annswer, Self-employed, artist that owns and operates a web-store for craft products.

    If I was asked who I am: it would be mother, crafter / artist, business woman.
    Thanks for making me think!


  2. I came by to say thanks for stopping by and looking at my Crusades castings. I, also, am pushed mentally by your question. After working in the rat-race for many years, I can now tell folks I am an artist and work from home. I usually just say I am self employed, as it is still difficult for me to wear the name tag “artist”. The working from home part is the best part. Once again, thanks for stopping by my blog and for your kind words. Hope you will come back.

  3. This is a really good question that stumps a lot of people. I find it very interesting and yet disappointing at the same time, to see that so many people describe themselves through what they do. I learned many years ago that what I do does not describe or define who I am. Ask yourself this question. “When I die, what do I want written on my stone?” I bet your answer is not what your career or job is. I say you look deep down and describe yourself as you see yourself not as what you do. To be a mother is exceptional and lots of people define themselves by this. But, maybe on your stone, it would say “wonderful and loving mother”. In the end, who will really cares that you have two college degrees and liked to garden and watch football. How would you want someone to describe you?
    I have a BA and Masters and those don’t mean a thing to me. I am trying to become an elementary school teacher right now. I used to work at a casino. I think I’d rather people describe me as a loving person who would give until she has no more and lived for her family.
    Just some food for thought. Never underestimate yourself!

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