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Canvas with Tissue Paper

With an online group, I am working my way through Mary Todd Beam’s Celebrate Your Creative Self.  The portion we were working on this month was to add tissue paper to an illustration board or canvas and then paint it. 

 The workshop leader was so smart and decided to break this into three weekly parts to make it easier.  And I am sure it would have been if life didn’t get in the way.  I started this last Thursday and still think I need to put some additional color on it.  I want the third that is basically in the center horizontally to have something else on it – a different color to contrast, something.

The first step was to get the tissue paper on the board.

Canvas with Tissue

While this does not look like much, it was harder than I thought it would be.  I knew what I wanted it to llook like, but really wanted to let the tissue have its own “life,” so to speak.

I have three pictures below that have the item with its first coat of acrylics on it.  I did gesso over the entire canvas once the tissue was dried on, including the tissue.  The acrylics I used were crimson, deep turquoise, and phthlato green.  I also used a pearlescent tint in the bottom area which tends to show as a bit of glare off my flash on my camera.   All three images below are the same canvas.  I just haven’t found a good way to take pics.

Acrylics On Tissued Canvas     Different Angle     A still different angle

One thought on “Canvas with Tissue Paper

  1. Wow! this is so cool, put me in mind of a rough sea straight away, don’t know what you see but I actually love it. In fact I think it would look great like this on a wall…

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