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While I am working my way through several art books for the Triple Eight Challenge for 2008, I have taken a month off most of these workings.  I spent most of March honing my photography skills.  I have some of my shots below.

I have always spent a lot of time in the out of doors so to me, it was logical to take my pics outside.

Road Kill

This one caught my eye while I was running one day.  I didn’t have my camera with me.  I went back, via car, later and couldn’t find it.  The next day that I ran that route, I took my digital camera with me.  It was perfect.  I had my eye set on entering it in a environmental photography contest.

 Rib Cage

This image above is a closer shot of the same image.  This time the hide is not visible in the picture, just the rib cage.

Tire Garden

My favorite shot is the one above.  It is ironically entitled Tire Garden.  It is truly just someone’s way of getting out of paying to dispose of old, used tires.

Fog on Field

This is by far my most artistic in my mind.  It is the fog created by the snow that is left on the ground.  I call it Fog on Field.  

One thought on “Photography

  1. How amazing to find that rib cage – fantastic photo.
    the tire garden made me cross, that someone could dump something so ugly in such a beautiful setting arggghhhh!!!!
    and as for the fog on the field, absolutely wonderful, God I so love this picture, you have done really well, and it is clear to see that you love the outdoors…
    oh and do enter the photo into the competition!

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