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A Visit to 2007 Aspirations

Everyone makes resolutions this time of year. I have been through this before. I make aspirations. The difference is probably little but the one thing I know I need to do is look at this year’s progress, or lack of , before setting up for the new year. Why make the same promises to yourself, year after year, if you know from experience you can’t or won’t keep them?

My last visit to my aspirations for 2007 was in September. I had planned on updating on a monthly basis but we see that doesn’t happen. Before that, it had been April so I will plan in 2008 to do a quarterly review.

Aspirations 2007

Be proactive in finding new friends and possibly a more than friend interest. I am just not sure that romantic interest is the right word but maybe it is. Back in April, I thought I was doing better. I even sat down in August and made a list of people I would send “eye contacts” to on the online dating site. I did send the eye contacts but did not receive much back. I can’t say I put much into this idea but I did find some new friends so it was well worth it!
Submit art and get published. I am also, as a way to get published, going to look ahead to the themes major art magazines will have in 2007 so that I may have a creation on hand to submit. I have been creating more art but have not yet submitted anything. There is the fear of failure in this aspiration. What if I send it in and that is the end of it? I still have that fear and submitted nothing for 2007 at all but hopefully, I will continue this part in 2008. I know I what I typed above but some dreams have to stay within reach.

Lead Simple Abundance faithfully this year. Be sure to post a starter to each monthly thread. The site where I lead Simple Abundance is closing down. I understand the closure and wish CEO the best with her life as she deserves it! I will continue to read Simple Abundance annually as I find something new each time I do.

Be more active as a mod at OrganizedHome.com. With OH closing its boards, I am contributing somewhat to a new site that is local. I do not want to become as active as I was at OH.

Read a total of 30 books this year – including re-reads. This one is definitely on track. I had some great summer reads. I am at 21 books so far this year. I stopped keeping track of what I have read at 21. I have, since the beginning of November, read an additional 8 books so I know that I have more than achieved this total. I have looked at several ways to read and set goals for reading for the new year. Will have to make a decision soon.
Fitness 1 – I will walk/run 400 miles this year. I worked slowly on this one through Sept where I was at only 200 miles. I do tend to walk/run more in the fall than summer so may pick it up. I started a true daily run/walk in October and have put in over 150 since Oct 1 so I will be close on this one. I am also running now, not walking, so improvements have come.

Fitness 2 – I will wear my pedometer faithfully. Pedometer broke. Haven’t replaced it yet.

Fitness 3 – I will find an additional – strength – fitness outlet. Not doing too well on this end. I do occasional weights but nothing set in stone.

Budget 1 – I will pay down my debt. I have worked on paying down debt. It is getting much more manageable.

Budget 2 – I will put at least 10% of my earnings to savings. I am finding reducing debt is easier than keeping money in savings. I attempted to end the year better than the rest of the year had been but am not getting there. Negligible increase in savings at this point.

I will become adept at utilizing menu planning so as to maximize the money spent on food and the variety in our diets. While I haven’t been menu planning as much as I like, I have – due to CSA – managed to put variety in our diets and have utilized much fresher and better foods. As sports schedules began in November, my menu planning kicked in. It is imperative that I have dinner at set times so that kids can get to school events/practices so it works better.

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