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What’s Your Opinion of PDA in schools?

Okay, I am not talking about the electronic device. I am talking about public displays of affection.

When in high school – eons ago, I sat on a school district committee that developed a policy on PDA in the district where I attended school. It basically said what was and wasn’t okay at different age levels in school – hand holding, hugging, kissing, making out(it happens).

I hadn’t really given it much thought in ages until I got a phone call today from my 13 (yes, I said 13) year old son’s music teacher.

Evidently, he and his “girlfriend” were caught or seen by another student in the music teacher’s office kissing. No adult can confirm this and I haven’t had a chance yet to discuss it with him. I see many problems here – breaking the trust of the teacher, abusing a privilege of being allowed in the music area during lunch, the actual act.

So what is your opinion?

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