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Thank You…

I have to say that I used launch – Yahoo!’s music option quite some time ago. I haven’t opened it in at least a year, maybe longer. I really wasn’t in the mood until I started chatting with someone who uses it religiously. I kept commenting on the great music he was listening to.

I am paraphrasing but he was right when he discussed the feelings that come when you hear that song you haven’t heard in ages. I have very strange taste in music – might be doing eclectic a disservice using that as a descriptor.

Anyway, lyrics for the day are from a song that came from a country group – I think – called Little Texas. I loved it in the late 90s when the CD came out.

This ain’t no time to be afraid
Or look the other way
If your prayers have all been prayed
Then you just let it come what may

If you’re not brave enough to try
Then life will pass you by
All we have is today
There ain’t no time to be afraid

At the time, they were great words to take to heart. Not to bad now either.

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