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Crushing on … Pumpkin


I am crushing on … pumpkin. The GPP Street Team\’s Crusade #12 is what are you crushing on. Well, I am – as always at this time of the year – obsessing and crushing on pumpkin.

I love the color – a true pumpkin, not a burnt orange but a pumpkin orange. I would easily paint my bedroom that color. I also love to wear that color! Sweaters, fleeces, blouses are all in a pumpkin when I can find them.

But more important than using the color pumpkin in my creations and wanting to paint my bedroom pumpkin or wearing clothing that is pumpkin colored, I love to cook with pumpkin. My kitchen table is currently filled with six dozen pumpkin chocolate chip drop cookies. There is a loaf and a half (one half already eaten) of pumpkin bread. The smell of baking pumpkin is permeating the entire house as there are two loaves of pumpkin bread still in the oven. I am thinking another batch of pumpkin gnocchi might be in order and pumpkin fudge is just wonderful!

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