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Politics and Healthcare Alert

I am not a big fan of MSNBC but I was channel surfing on Friday night – what do all good mothers of teenagers do on Friday nights ? We can’t possibly go out in public as that would mean we may run into our kids and their dates. Mike someone or other from Boston was filling in for Chris Mathews on Hardball which was not why I stopped surfing but he was talking to Lance Armstrong. I was interested in what they were talking about.

Anyway, today and tomorrow on MSNBC and its online counterpart with the dot com after it, Lance Armstrong and Chris Mathews will moderate a potential presidential candidate forum on cancer.

While I am generally opposed to potential party nominees doing the dance for whatever special interest group requests it, this seems different. First, both parties are involved. Consequently, it is not labor unions only requesting the Democrats. Second, while focusing on cancer, it is an open forum for the candidates that show up to discuss one of the more important issues to everyone in the US – health care.

So, today and tomorrow at 11 am. Either turn your TV or your computer to MSNBC.

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