Just my Thoughts

I did it!

Who knows what I did but me? I, finally – after about eight weeks of saying I was going to, got my hair cut!

My hair has been fairly long for several years. When I would get it cut, I would basically get a trim. Who knows the thought process! Certainly, not me. Anyway, about two weeks ago, I went and got it cut. I even found someone locally who would razor cut my hair as that was what the style I picked out needed. The great news is it looks different depending on whether I dry it, don\’t dry it, straighten it (only did this once).

Now my hair is short! What happened right after I cut it? Well, we had some really, unseasonable cool weather for August. My son who always wears shorts actually put on jeans and curled up in the recliner with an afghan and a book – not normal summer activities for a 13 year old.

Oh well…too late! It is cut!!!

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