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My Church’s Bazaar This Weekend

I have blogged about living in the land of church bazaars but I have to admit – with six kids, they get expensive. That being said, I always support my own church’s bazaar. That would mean this weekend.

Our Lady of Angels is having its annual bazaar. It is not the same timing as it has been in the past so I am not sure how well it will be received but all is in order. How do I know? I have spoken with the chair of the bake sale. I have been by the church and have seen the tents going up. I have looked in the social hall and seen the tables set up.

Today at 5 pm, I will load whoever is home in a car and off we will go. It will be about 7 hours today and 4 or 5 tomorrow. Then, Sunday, we will have breakfast at the pancake breakfast (providing my pocket book as survived Fri and Sat).

Go out this weekend! Have fun! Spend time outside!

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